$200k Ring Earner

"In 2001, Bill Stovall was a regional vice president of sales for a large, international direct-sales company. He enjoyed a solid income, which came at the price of much stress.
In 2002, due to a corporate takeover, Bill found himself with no job. To make matters worse, he also found himself threatened with a lawsuit. On the same day that he learned of this threat, he was walking down the hall of a prominent hotel when he noticed two men standing behind a table that had a banner draped over it that said LegalShield across the front. Not being familiar with the LegalShield Membership, he asked, “Does that help with lawsuits?”
After a very short conversation, he signed up for the service. It was at that time the two men suggested that he might consider PPLSI as a business opportunity. Mr. Stovall told them “no” and explained that he had decided to start a traditional business. Unfortunately, over the course of the next 18 months, he lost most of his life savings on that traditional business.
In 2004, after using his LegalShield Membership many times, he called the man (Bruce Morton) whom he had purchased his membership from and asked, “Do you really earn income with this?”
Mr. Morton replied, “You can if you work at it.”
Bill explained how he loved the membership and needed a new opportunity. Mr. Morton agreed to help train him. Within two months, PPLSI was Bill’s primary focus.
“This was what I was looking for all along,” says Bill. “Today, I work from my home office. I have no employees, no rent and no inventory, plus I have more time to spend with my friends and family. I work with business owners, assisting them with programs to make them more profitable. I also help people who want to earn extra income and find an opportunity like I did. I have found my entire experience to be very rewarding.”