"When I was introduced to PPLSI, I had owned a printing and media company for 25 years, with both domestic and international clients. I was paying an attorney thousands of dollars a month for advice, debt collection, contract review and all the other issues that come with being a business owner. I was making a great income, but I had little time to enjoy it and was dealing with a tremendous amount of stress. I had not taken a vacation in years and had missed way too much of my kids’ lives. I wanted more quality time with my family and less stress in my life, but I wasn’t sure how to make that happen.
In 2010, my parents became ill, and I was able to spend time with them and care for them for the next two years. In 2012, my brother was diagnosed with brain cancer, and again I was afforded the luxury of moving him and his family in with us and caring for him. You cannot put a price on the time that you get to spend with loved ones without worrying about losing your job or not having income coming in. This was possible because of PPLSI and the ability to work from wherever I was. Everyone needs to know about the phenomenal services we provide as well as this opportunity to build a lasting business with residual income to take back their time.