"When my good friends Mark and Denise Brown introduced me to PPLSI, I saw the need for the service and the opportunity. However, when I was faced with divorce — and the reality that I was going to need to support my young son — the value of the service and business opportunity became very real to me.
Having access to affordable, quality legal services was a lifesaver. Also, the PPLSI opportunity allowed me to support myself and my son. I was able to tailor my schedule around his school and activities.
Fast forward a few years — I met Tim. I recruited him, and then I married him. We made the decision to work together, and we’ve learned a lot along the way and will always be grateful for the help, support and friendship Mark and Denise have provided. We treasure their friendship.
Through being consistent in Performance Club since its inception, we’ve been able to qualify for many fantastic trips, traveling to places like Cancun, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and California. The company rewards us for making a living while making a difference! Being consistent with PPLSI has helped us to reach the point of having our book of business exceed and pay out our debit balance, giving us a consistent residual income. Working with PPLSI is in line with our goal of helping people live happier, healthier, more productive lives.