"I was introduced to PPLSI by a friend who sent me a DVD. At the time, I had been downsized and was working in a job that had no future. With my previous business background, I could recognize the very special position that PPLSI was in from a timing and growth standpoint. That meant a REAL opportunity for anyone willing to embrace the challenge. And to be fully transparent, it has been a challenge.
For any business to become what the owner dreams it to be is a work of both inspiration and perspiration; there are highs and lows. But we persevered and never stopped believing; we never got off the freeway. It’s been a beautiful ride that has given me a life of my own design — and that is precious. I’m not even talking about money, but about the opportunity to work from home with my family and make my own priorities.
We are especially thankful for the tremendous personal growth and development that comes from the personal activity together with the incredible culture of mentoring and leadership that PPLSI provides. It’s also a blessing to go on annual trips with our PPLSI family and share amazing experiences together.
Thank you, PPLSI. My name is Alan Jessen, and I’m just getting started.