Getting Started Right

Building a Successful Business Means Starting The Right Way

First Step Training

Learn the First Steps to Getting Started Right with these short training videos.

Getting Started Right Checklist

Step 1 - Make Your List

Make a list of your 10 closest contacts. This list will be the people that always help you out (your mom, sister, best friend) – this is your “hot list” of contacts.

Step 2 - Send Scripts

Start by sending a message to 3 people who support you (family/friends) using the easy to follow scripts provided.


Then send a resource and script to the other 7 people on your list.

Step 3 - Register for Fast Start Training

TAG Team Fast Start Training

Tuesdays at 6pm ET & Saturdays at 11am ET

Additional Fast Start Trainings


Qualify for a Fast Start Bonus

You can earn a bonus when you attend a Fast Start Training and advance to Sr. Associate in your first 20 day! 

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